Carrier HVACRequiring an average of less than one kilowatt of electricity to produce four kilowatts of heating power, electric heat pumps are the most efficient means of heating using electricity.  They also provide effective and efficient cooling all summer long.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Voss Heating & AC specializes in the most technologically advanced and rewarding heat pumps on the market today.  These award-winning, ENERGY STAR rated options take advantage of adaptable-speed technology to automatically adjust output to current household requirements.  By varying capacity between forty and one hundred percent, the system actively achieves peak efficiency at all times.  And when you partner the outstanding energy savings of a Carrier heat pump with the power of your furnace, you’ll significantly cut your annual heating costs.

Professional Heat Pump Services

The installation of a modern heat pump allows you to easily switch between heating and cooling, quickly raise or lower temperature, and make adjustments from a thermostat, wireless remote, or even your smartphone.  These systems effectively extract moisture during the summer, and eliminate condensation on cold surfaces during the winter.

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With no combustion process, there’s no fear of hot surfaces, fumes, or carbon monoxide poisoning, and because of advanced filtrations, heat pumps are ideal for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or dust sensitivity.  No carbon emissions, only a small amount of electrical energy required to run the compressor, and the use of ozone-safe R410 refrigerant, add up to a wonderfully environmentally friendly option.  The benefits go on and on, and when you contact Voss Heating & AC for more information, we’d love to tell you all about them, and find the solution that’s exactly right for you.

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